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Latest and Greatest!

Oh man I'm really excited about this post! For the past couple of weeks I've been feeling a sense of ennui concerning the content on my blog. The latest Jasmine set was a really dull affair for me and I think it actually shows in the set itself. Everything is so frikken monochromatic and grey that I want to vomit! So I sat down and looked at what I was doing and I realized that I am not the type of artist who is capable of hammering out set after set like clockwork. It just doesn't appeal to me considering that my computer can't handle it and I have the attention span of a squirrel wired on meth. Needless to say, production slows down to a crawl and the work ends up being well beneath my expectations.

Instead I've decided to focus on producing high quality individual images (or radically smaller sets) because I enjoy it more and I don't get bored with the content. I can't tell you how many times I've been in the middle of rendering an image and suddenly had the desire to do something completely different because I couldn't stand to look at the characters for another second. The images below are a result of my new method of devoting my time and energy to single, highly detailed images and I'm really very happy with them. I feel that they're a better reflection of my capabilities as an artist.

Also, I have to say thanks to all of you for continually visiting my blog and giving me the motivation to continue updating it. One individual who deserves special recognition is my fellow artist and friend Mongo Bongo who basically got my blog off the ground by giving it incredible free publicity on his own blog. Without his initial help I'd have a grand total of 350 visits instead of 350,000. His banner is on the right side of the page and I definitely recommend taking a look at his stuff! Thanks again and enjoy the pics!

Btw, for those who care the girls are: Briana, Vera, Becca, Jasmine, Tara, and a new girl I haven't named yet :)