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Tales Of Deepwood Chapter 1

Well guys it's been a freaking journey but it's finally here; Tales of Deepwood Chapter 1. Holy Fuck. I've never invested this much time into a single set. I rendered and re-rendered images; editing every single detail I could think of and the results are.... well, see for yourself!

You may have noticed that this is only "Chapter 1" of the ToD project. The plan is to have Mion, Wyx, and Chamisa starring in three additional chapters! Chapter two will be titled "The Gang goes to the DMV" (Just fucking with you). I'm already working on the setting for the second chapter in which that big angry badass and his little green friends seen in the last couple of pictures will be playing a major role (laughs maniacally and guzzles scotch).

The actual written story will be available alongside the images in the next couple of days but in the meantime I think that the pics of these busty babes are fairly self explanatory. If you have any recommendations, questions, or criticisms I'd love to hear em! Feedback is the only way I'm gonna get better unless I pick up a cocaine habit.