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Slaves of Erath Part 4

Vera slowly crawled towards the sword and rested her hand upon it's pommel. She was still dazed from the throat fucking she'd received from Erath but her hate and anger spurred her onward. Briana screamed and begged piteously as the monstrous Erath positioned himself behind his captive. With a savage thrust he dug into her unprepared silky pussy and began to pump viciously. All Briana could do was scream Vera's name in a plea for salvation. Vera stood on wobbly legs and began to run at Erath; lifting the sword high above her head she let out a battle cry.

Erath finally noticed her and with a bellow of rage at the impudence of his new slave he backhanded the buxom princess across the face; all the while fucking Briana. As consciousness slowly deserted Vera she heard Erath's deep voice speak. "Foolish little fuckpet it seems you still need to learn your place. Perhaps a round in the fighting pits will teach you respect for your master...."