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SlavePrincess Part 1

Vera gazed at the abomination that stood across the courtyard and scowled.

It stood as tall as a man with skin a deep red and eyes that burned with hate and lust. A thresher. Completely naked, and monstrously ugly, the Thresher was indeed a terrible creature that was legendary for it's lack of mercy.

And it hunted her. It's golden slitted eyes danced upon her luscious, uncovered form and a smile crept upon its scaly lips. "I've been looking for you cunt" it growled in voice as hard as granite. "Erath is paying good coin for tits such as yours".

Vera felt a surge of terror course through her body; making her breasts jiggle fetchingly at the slight spasm. Erath was a monster. A sadistic warlord with a taste for young female flesh. She knew what would be in store for her supple body if she fell into the hands of such a beast. Her shaven pussy tightened unconsciously at the thought.

The grip on her dagger hardened as she tried to keep her fear from becoming apparent. "If you want my silky pussy then come and claim it!" she cried defiantly "My body will never be tainted by filth such as you nor your master!"