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Slaves of Erath Part 2

The hulking figure of Erath sat upon his throne gazing down with a smug satisfaction at the two naked bound women cowering at his feet. Briana began to sob quietly and Vera started to move towards the other girl to comfort her. Before she could reach the gorgeous blonde however, a sharp tug on her leash jerked her painfully towards the throne. She let out a scream of fear and outrage and tried desperately to escape her shackles and fight her tormenters but all she managed to do was make her breasts jiggle and her chains clink fetchingly. She was completely in their power.
Briana watched in horror as her friend was led towards violation and didn't notice another minion of Erath come up behind her and grabbed her roughly. Struggling, she was led to a stockade and was easily bound beneath it's weight. She could no longer see Vera but she could hear every word between her friend and their captor. She was extremely worried about her companion. Thinking about Vera's heaving breasts, her smooth pussy, and her emotionally charged eyes made Briana... wet. This realization was enough to make her hang her head in shame. She was incredibly attracted to her fellow slave but there was nothing she could do to help her. All she could do was listen...

Vera came face to face with Erath and did her best not to break down in tears. She sneered up at the ugly creature that now held her leash and spat. "So this is the mighty Erath" she said, a quaver in her voice betraying her terror, "I thought you'd be taller". Erath smiled an ugly, hateful smile and bent close to his buxom captive.