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SlavePrincess Part 3

Vera screamed louder and louder as the Thresher slammed against her cervix. She refused to admit to herself that the screams were as much from pleasure as from pain. Without missing a beat the monster grabbed the voluptuous temptress by the waist and stood; lifting her into the air still impaled by his throbbing member.

The princess twisted and kicked desperately but the beast was unrelenting. Finally, when she thought she wouldn't be able to withstand another thrust, her assailant shuddered and spent himself deep within her body. She was completely humiliated. She had been taken in the manner of a slave.

As Vera lay dazed in the middle of the ruined courtyard the Thresher produced a heavy iron collar-seemingly out of thin air- and fastened it around her slender neck. "Come along pretty princess" he sneered and gave the leash a jerk. She was roughly pulled to her feet and led from the scene of her violation. She was on her way to Erath...