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Tara the Nurse Part 1

Tara sat at her computer and squirmed a bit as her incredibly revealing uniform dug deep into her smooth pussy. She hated the uniform but rules were rules and those pigs at the top had forbade her to do anything more to cover her incredible body. Fortunately tonight she was all alone in the lab so she wouldn't have to deal with the leering engineers that harassed her whenever they got a chance. Tara didn't even stop to think that, if one of the incredibly dangerous alien specimens were to escape, no one would be there to save her.

She didn't hear the soft hiss of the containment door sliding open nor did she see the hulking figure quietly slide out of it's cell. The Alien stared at the unsuspecting Tara and let out a soft, satisfied hiss of pleasure. It's name was Thralk and it had been imprisoned by the galactic federation for enslaving beautiful human females and selling them to monstrous creatures all over the galaxy. Tara would fetch a fine price.

With a burst of inhuman speed the creature leapt at Tara would had just enough time to let out a single piercing scream before the creatures slimy hand closed around her swanlike throat.