Commissions are closed.

Due lack of time and frustracion coused by some commissioners to the point i started to allmost
hate rendering i decided to close commissions.
Its was not really worth loosing a hobby i so much enjoyed over some money.

To let go some steam i took last of my monney and got new outfit for Farah.
Love the new results and i really enjoyed making this.

Some fan service!

Im folowing up on my idea and prepared a guild hall for now.

As im not much of a writer im openned to people that would want to contribute :)

Beach trip!

Its cold and wet outside and i dont have monney for a trip to some warm place.
So i think, how can i cheer myself up?
What is best in the summer?
Girls in swimsuits and bikinis!
And whats even beter then that?
Elfgirls in swimsuits and bikinis!
So i took last of my monney and send some of my girls for vacation in hope
that they will have some adventures there :P

The bad news is that i had cash only for 3 swimsuits so only those 3 got to go :(
Buy you guys can help!
If somone would like to sponsor a swimsuit/bikini of their choice to their favrite
girl then im shure they would love to join the trip.
I will be taking picture evry day or two to show evryone whats is hapenning
during this trip :)

More pics :)

Other note:

Tera changed her hairstyle as some of you might noticed.

Allso, since there was no interest in my prevoius ide of puting submited storys
into my render series i decided to scrap that idea and do things like i used to.

Mass Efect 3

Well i got hooked up on another game so thats why i didnt do eny updates.
Blame BIOWARE!! :P

This might be a spoiler but after finishing the game i still didnt get to se Talis face so i decided
to fix that myself and make my version of Tali.
I hope i did good with her.

I allso resumed work on Beach trip series :)

On other notes.
Im resuming commisions becouse i need money for new mouse.:P
This one is dying and instead doing normal hold click its double clicking wich is making
work on renders very hard :(

Enyway i hope you guys will enjoy those 2 pics and have a nice day.

Close up for Sera.

Small update.

Like usual i was busy with work but finaly i found some
time to do some rendering.
I managed to do another scene with Tera on the beach.

I allso did some work on commsions and thanks to that i have enough money to get my new mouse :)
Razer Naga Epic will arrive next week :D
Unlike my first commisions those were actully pleashure to do.
Great comunication and clinets knew exactlly what they wanted.
One was really chalanging.
I got requested by girl that goes by name Prier to make a set with her WoW character.
I was hard but fun to do and i am allowed to show small samples from that one.

She really loves her character and i actully did some RP with her.
She plays on Argent dawn EU.

Thats it for now and i wish evryone fun weekend.

Happy Easter!

Well...ummm tbh i totaly forgat about easter.
If i would remember i would make somthing related:(
But i made somthing to make up for it :)
Still doing some summer themed elfs stuff.

Allso somthing to get your imaginations going :P

On other topic a friend of mine showed me this amazing drawing of Tinkerbell
done by Joe  Randel.
I didnt draw this and all copyrights bellong to Joe Randel
I hope  i wont get sued for posting this here.

As she was kinda my childhood toon crush looking at this pic was like lightning would
struck me.
I cant belive how amazing it is!
So as a tribute i tryed my best to make 3DCG version of it.

I tryed to contack mr Randel and let him know about this but he didnt reply :(
Meaby someday he will get to se this.

Thats it for now and happy holidays evryone!

No ideas....

Wow i didnt update for a while!
Gues thats becouse i dont have eny ideas for sieries tbh.
I just sit in front of my PC and stare at the monitor...nothing comes to my head.
Enyone has eny sugescions for a series?

I did manage to do those 2 renders.


Some texture practice

While working on current set (60% done) i messed arround with textures to try
and get wet skin effect.
Here is the result.

Pic has some flaws but as its not part of eny actuall work it will do as demonstration.

Diablo 3

My work got dellayed... agein.
Diablo 3 absorbs all my time so sets i was working on are on hold for now.
Sory Tera you will have to wait a bit longer :P

I finished Normal with my male demon hunter but i made female hardcore one.
I wonder how far i can get with her before she dies...

Working and playing.

Whew, god that was a busy month.
I think i need to change my job becouse i berly have eny free time.
Enyway resumed working on a new series, here is sample pic.

Allso i bought Dragons Dogma for PS3 latelly and i enjoy that game allot.
Made myself Tera pawn so if you se her wondering arround roads go ahead
and hire her. Dont forget to leave nice gift and rate high after you guys are
done with her :)

Berly eny free time :(

So im slowly working on new set...
Allso i have another project started and im playing Dragons Dogma.
So far only 3 ppl used my pawn :(
Here is a screenshot of my Tera and Vaesarks Yvonne together (me in the back).

Tera dosent use bows becouse i found them not to effective, pawn just wasted time in switching between weapons so she just goes with daggers.
Im suprised how effective she is now.
I encountered a cyclops with bunch of goblins fighting and by the time i dealth with goblins she was allready on cyclops head head plucking his eye out.
Ididnt even noticed when his helmet went off and he was allready at 1/4 HP
Good job Tera :)

Here is another teaser pic for series.

I did some work on new looks for the girls, so far i finished Teras and working on Orianna.

Let me know what you guys think.

A dream,

Last night me and few of my friends went drinking.
I was so tired that i didnt even bother with going to bedroom so i just crashed
at my couch.
While i was sleeping i had this dream about wierd girl in a strange suit and
helmet floating above me.
After part of her helmet vanished it turned out she was an alien!
She just kept floating and doing doing some poses like she wanted to show
off her body to me, i tryed to touch her but my hands didnt move.
Then her bodysuit kinda melted off her and went into her boots and gloves
and she was speeking to me some wierd words.
She kept floating and speeking to me and after few minutes some flash of light blinded
me and she was gone, and i woke up on my couch with my hand reaching out....
I runed straigt to my PC and i reacreated her while i still had her image in my head.
It turend out i had same outfit in my database but i never actyllu used it before.
Eny of you had something like this hapen to you?

Here are few renders with her.


Another offtopic today :)
As a veteran gamer i payed allot as a kid, one of the games i held dear was Phantasy Star Online
witch was one of my first true MMOs.
I had allot of good friends there.
Latelly i heard that sega is making PSO2 and there is open beta in japan now so
if enyone is interested here is the infro on how to get in.

It can be hard to non japanese speeking ppl like me but its playable.
One of things i love the most is the AMAZING character creator that lets you make really
uniqe toons.

Try guesing what character i made :)

So far you can create one character per ship so i play as Tera on ship 1 and as Coren on ship 2.
Hope to meet somone there :)