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SlavePrincess Part 2

The Thresher moved with a speed that the young vixen would not have believed possible. A swift swing of his wicked axe knocked Vera's blade into the forest and a savage kick to the stomach sent her toppling to the ground. As quick as that, she was beaten.

Too shocked to speak, Vera could only watch in horror as the thresher casually threw his axe to the side and approached her prone form. With a shiver of revulsion she realized that the creature had become fully erect.

As she gazed upon the monster's member that was drawing ever closer, her puffy pussy began to grow slick with her womanly juices. The defeated princess let out a soft sob of humiliation and fear as her own body betrayed her in anticipation of the inevitable assault.

Kneeling down, the creature grabbed her by the hips and roughly pulled her pelvis towards his awaiting cock causing the vixen to let out a short gasp of surprise and pain. Vera barely struggled; gyrating her hips and bouncing her perfect, gravity defying breasts seductively as the moment of her violation drew near.

As the Thresher's cock parted her quivering pussy lips to feel the wetness inside he smiled sadistically. "The pretty little princess is about to be raped by a monster and her cunt's as wet as a maiden's" he sneered. Vera's only response was to moan and sob in shame. The Thresher laughed. "Better give pretty princess what she wants"

With her last shreds of dignity she glared at her assailant and hissed "You ugly bastard I'll tear yo-AIIIEEEEEEE!!!". Vera's vehement words became a long shriek of pain and fear as the Thresher savagely thrust into her. Her howl disintegrated into shorter, higher pitched, gasps as her violator pulled in and out of her. Slapping against her pelvis with each thrust. Completely without mercy.