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Commission Completed!

The title says it all! After two weeks of balls-to-the-wall effort I can proudly say that I've completed my first ever commissioned set! It was a great experience and I'm really a fan of the commissioner's imaginative ideas and in depth storytelling style. He's a fan of mind control scenarios and video game setting (duh) which was something of a new idea for me so I got to exercise my atrophied art muscles and improve my technique and I'm always up for some improvement. Life as an artist gets so much easier when you get along creatively with your patron and it shows a lot in the finished product.

On a completely unrelated note I've taken some time to revise a lot of the ol' blog layout and came up with a brand new header with a hot little cyber babe. The last header was all "artsy" and didn't reflect my work in the slightest so I feel that it came off as pretentious douchebaggery. Where the fuck do I get the nerve?!? Anyways enough of my inane ramblings; check out the set!