Things have been fairly slow for me lately, I hope to get at least a few good Halloween pictures out later. The scene I tried to do was too big and wouldn't let me render, I think perhaps my 8gb might not be enough. In the meantime here are some faeries.

Commission: Jezebeth and Jennifer

 This is another commission, similar to the last one. Gigantic breasts/Inflation aren't quite my style, but I'm happy to deliver what commissioners request as long as it isn't too distasteful for me. I plan on posting commission prices here and elsewhere soon, and I'm ready to move onto something new now.

Halloween 2012

First off is a couple pictures, one of which I entered in a contest at affect3d.com. There are some really great entries, and voting is open here until Oct 27. This work features a Mummy Queen, Succubus, Witch, and Vampire engaging in a fantastically erotic Halloween celebration. I don't like futa, but I will do loose variations: in this case the succubus has summoned some kind of (fire cock?) which she is utilizing to pleasure the Mummy Queen in ways that no solid flesh could. Perhaps I'll use these characters again in the future, but I have these for now.

Here is the first part of my next set, which is thoroughly the most creepy thing I've done so far. I think appropriately captures Halloween spirit and hopefully it is in good taste to at least some of you. Lizzy and Morane are late to the Halloween party, but they have booze and candy so everything's good. To cut down on walking time they take a short cut (sorry for the cliche!) through a dark alley, but what could possibly happen? Hopefully I'll get the rest of this set done soon.

I'm about as done as I'm going to get with this set. I'm pretty unsatisfied with the way the lighting turned out in a couple of these, as well as its inconsistency. I think I have a couple great ones but I feel like moving on to something else now so I'll post what I have even though I didn't get as much of this set done as I planned. This really reminded me of how stupid Poser's lighting system is and I don't understand why it is so different from any professional 3D application. I believe at some point I'll completely move to Daz, and this is just one more reason to do so. So enjoy the rest of Lizzy and Morane's Halloween "adventure" and perhaps I'll do more with them in the future.

Commission: Sherry at the Pool

Presenting another commission featuring demon possession, similar to the last couple.

Glam Girls

Finally despite trying to work on every project I have at the same time, I have another set. I was going for variety on different levels with this to explore some different interests. Some of it is pretty nice, vanilla, pinup stuff, and some will be appreciated by those who like a touch of the sadistic. Enjoy!