My situacion

Hey evryone.
I think i owe evryone some explanacon why im not updating my blog
As i said some time ago i have some money problems (its job related,
i dont ahve eny debts thank god) and that forced me to take a side job
to keep me afloat.
My days past 2 months look like this, 13 hours of work, eat and sleep.
I allso had to cut some of my expenses so that means i dont have internet
(doing this at my sisters place right now)and had to cancel my game subscribcions.

Work on sets is on hold for now since i dont have eny time but i did managed
to do something so here sample of two sets i was working on.

Reaploaded two sets that are no longer avalible.

I hope my sitacion will change soon becouse im growing really tired of this whole thing...
I wish evryone the best.

Contest: Who is this?

Time for a litlle contest:
I made this character some time ago and she is based on
Try guesing who she is and tell what gave her away.

First person that will gueses right will get free comission
for 2 pics.
2nd will get 1 pic.
Only people with name can participate so anons wont be even considered
and will be deleted during this contest.
After making pics i will still have all copy rights to them so im free to post them if i feel like it.
If you wont do futa, gore, gay, loli, scat, SnM content then dont even bother.

Random Picks

Posting some random picks i made with difrent characters.
Those are just some ideas i had , not part of eny sets.
Meaby ill make set from one of those sameday.

Btw can enyone tell me how to arrange picks in posts?
I wanted to put them in a row of 3 picks but i cant do that with out
making a mess of whole post.

New sheriff

So i was planing to play some BF3 today so i sat down in front of my
PC and before i knew it she was there.

I present Sheriff Natalia!

I allso tested some new light presets with this one.
Kinda takes long to to render but i think effect is nice.

New girl Anya

I was working on new girl and i made this test render.
I love how it turned out so i decided to post it :)

She is still WIP so i cant show all of her yet.


She is finished and i named her Anya.

I hope she will be liked.

Natalia WIP

So after popular demmand i decided to make set with
Sheriff Natalia.
Here is promo pic thats allso a test for lights and
textures, i hope it come out ok.

Allso another one with Anya (im having to much fun with her:P )

I allso added contact info becouse i noticed that after i removed my
profile info i stoped recieveing emails from you guys
(except for those who allready had my email).
If enyone has eny quescions for me go ahead and use it :)

Solucion for now

As i mencioned before i had some problems with money,
allot of ppl ofered to donate some money wich i apreaciate allot
but it would not feel right for me to take somones money for free.
Then bro of mine, Mongo came and oferrd perfect solucion for me.
I am allowed to sell sets on his site and i allready made enough
to reconnect my internet and still had enough for 2 liter of
coke zero and 2 bags of chips :P
Here are samples of that set.

So if you feel that this set is wrth some money then go to
And buy my or one of his sets, they are worth evry cent.
If this keeps up i will be able to quit the side job and have enough time to
make more renders for blog and Mongos site.
I wish evryone the best and i hope to update soon with more renders.

Resting and relaxing

Hey evryone!
Since i started puting sets on Mongos site i was able to
quit my side job and finally have time to relax and have some fun.
I allmost forgat how dose it feel to be well rested :)
Enyway, i spending my free time on doing some imiges
Right now im working on some witchcraft set for mongos site
but i will post few imiges here to.
Here is an sample :)

Allso did set based on Legend of Queen Opala game feturing
hot milf Farah

Adter puting it on Mongos site i was actully contacted by Gabriel Logan
the creator of the game :) How cool is that?!

Besides that i was working on some new girls.

Can enyone gues who is she?:)
And allso this girl.

Besides that im playing some games like Mech Warrior Online
and Guild Wars 2.
Enyone wants to take me into their guild?:)
40 lvl warrior and 2 10 lvl female characters :)

Thats it for now.
I hope evryone will have a pleasant week.

Merry Chrismas!

I wanted to wish evryone merry chrismas and and a happy new year.
I havent done mych rendering latelly becouse i gues i got to lazy now :P
so as a present for you guys those two will fufill 3 wishes.

In 3 days they will choose 3 wishes from you guys and make them come true,
they have to take place in this room thou becouse its cold ouside and they
said that they wont come out of in those oufits (like their normal outfits are
eny warmer...).


So 3 days have passed and girls chose wishes to fufill.
Here is the first one for now:)

I will be posting 2nd one tommorow and 3rd somwhere after new year in this thread :)

Here is 2nd wish granted.
I know, i promised it earlier but i didnt had time to do it :P

Exopect 3rd wish soon... i hope :P

In other news my new set is avaliblle on Mongos site containing some failed attempts of young witch at creating
a minion/familliar for herself.

Here are samples showing what kinda creature are in it.

Read a book!

Some time ago i was walking arround a book store
and i noticed a book abut lightning and 3D rendering.
I decided to buy it and i am practicing seting up my own
light instead of using preset stuff.
So far i like the results :

Opinions are welcome :)

New set

Hey evryone.
I finally got over to finishing my Succubus set for Mongos site.
Here are some samples :)


Besides that i was busy with some comissions (still am in fact) and playing some Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.
Sone of most iteresting was order from japan for a hug pillow, yes a hug pillow.
I think they are called demikura.
Here is one of the pics i got permission to show.

In later version this girl has sliver hair and blue eyes.
Other ones included my Tera and Anya characters.
Allso made some new girls, here is one of them :)

 Thats all for now and see you guys later.

Im not bad. Im just rendered that way.

Hey evryone.
I played a little with some new material i bought and
i decied to show off the results:)

As i mencioned earlier im busy right now with big
commision and put other sets on hold but i managed to find some free time
to polish the characters and doo some setup on the scenes.
Sadly the yoko set is not turning out as i wanted so im gonna have too
redo the whole concept so after im done with commission im working on succubus set.
Here is a small sample. :)

Dammit! Still cant figure out how to place those pics next to eachother!
Enyway, im allso working onother set but its in very early stages.
I dont even have scenes planed out but here is preview.

Note that this is just early concept and i might not even make it
if i dont find a good train/metro car model.
One used here is poor quality.
Well thats it for now and i wish evryone plesant week.


Its been way to long since my last update.
I ws busy wits loads of commisions (still doing some)
so i thot i should show some of my new girls that
were in commisions.
Those pics are parts of comission sets but i will be making difrent sets with them for
Mongos site.
Enjoy :)

Allso 95 followers and 750k views O_o  wow.
I never expectd ill get numbers like that.
I need to update this blog more :)

And prieview of set that i will put soon up on Mongos place.

Profesional animation

So i was looking thry my old files and i found some preset
animations i bought long time ago and totally forgat about
I decied to try one of them out :)

Walk animation 
Walk animation mirror

As the name says its just a walk animation but its great work.
Reuploaded to difrent source.

New set: Pirated

Hello evryone.
I finally completed set with Nami from One Piece.
Its one of my favrite shows so i had to make one sooner or later :)

Its avalible at Mongobongos site and contains 45 pics of nami geting her treshures
plundered by a fishmen.

Allso i had some extra fee time so i made this little Render.

 I dont think i need to tell who she is :)