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Solucion for now

As i mencioned before i had some problems with money,
allot of ppl ofered to donate some money wich i apreaciate allot
but it would not feel right for me to take somones money for free.
Then bro of mine, Mongo came and oferrd perfect solucion for me.
I am allowed to sell sets on his site and i allready made enough
to reconnect my internet and still had enough for 2 liter of
coke zero and 2 bags of chips :P
Here are samples of that set.

So if you feel that this set is wrth some money then go to http://mongo-bongo-art.com/
And buy my or one of his sets, they are worth evry cent.
If this keeps up i will be able to quit the side job and have enough time to
make more renders for blog and Mongos site.
I wish evryone the best and i hope to update soon with more renders.