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My situacion

Hey evryone.
I think i owe evryone some explanacon why im not updating my blog
As i said some time ago i have some money problems (its job related,
i dont ahve eny debts thank god) and that forced me to take a side job
to keep me afloat.
My days past 2 months look like this, 13 hours of work, eat and sleep.
I allso had to cut some of my expenses so that means i dont have internet
(doing this at my sisters place right now)and had to cancel my game subscribcions.

Work on sets is on hold for now since i dont have eny time but i did managed
to do something so here sample of two sets i was working on.

Reaploaded two sets that are no longer avalible.

I hope my sitacion will change soon becouse im growing really tired of this whole thing...
I wish evryone the best.