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Im not bad. Im just rendered that way.

Hey evryone.
I played a little with some new material i bought and
i decied to show off the results:)

As i mencioned earlier im busy right now with big
commision and put other sets on hold but i managed to find some free time
to polish the characters and doo some setup on the scenes.
Sadly the yoko set is not turning out as i wanted so im gonna have too
redo the whole concept so after im done with commission im working on succubus set.
Here is a small sample. :)

Dammit! Still cant figure out how to place those pics next to eachother!
Enyway, im allso working onother set but its in very early stages.
I dont even have scenes planed out but here is preview.

Note that this is just early concept and i might not even make it
if i dont find a good train/metro car model.
One used here is poor quality.
Well thats it for now and i wish evryone plesant week.