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Small update.

Like usual i was busy with work but finaly i found some
time to do some rendering.
I managed to do another scene with Tera on the beach.

I allso did some work on commsions and thanks to that i have enough money to get my new mouse :)
Razer Naga Epic will arrive next week :D
Unlike my first commisions those were actully pleashure to do.
Great comunication and clinets knew exactlly what they wanted.
One was really chalanging.
I got requested by girl that goes by name Prier to make a set with her WoW character.
I was hard but fun to do and i am allowed to show small samples from that one.

She really loves her character and i actully did some RP with her.
She plays on Argent dawn EU.

Thats it for now and i wish evryone fun weekend.