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Berly eny free time :(

So im slowly working on new set...
Allso i have another project started and im playing Dragons Dogma.
So far only 3 ppl used my pawn :(
Here is a screenshot of my Tera and Vaesarks Yvonne together (me in the back).

Tera dosent use bows becouse i found them not to effective, pawn just wasted time in switching between weapons so she just goes with daggers.
Im suprised how effective she is now.
I encountered a cyclops with bunch of goblins fighting and by the time i dealth with goblins she was allready on cyclops head head plucking his eye out.
Ididnt even noticed when his helmet went off and he was allready at 1/4 HP
Good job Tera :)

Here is another teaser pic for series.

I did some work on new looks for the girls, so far i finished Teras and working on Orianna.

Let me know what you guys think.