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A dream,

Last night me and few of my friends went drinking.
I was so tired that i didnt even bother with going to bedroom so i just crashed
at my couch.
While i was sleeping i had this dream about wierd girl in a strange suit and
helmet floating above me.
After part of her helmet vanished it turned out she was an alien!
She just kept floating and doing doing some poses like she wanted to show
off her body to me, i tryed to touch her but my hands didnt move.
Then her bodysuit kinda melted off her and went into her boots and gloves
and she was speeking to me some wierd words.
She kept floating and speeking to me and after few minutes some flash of light blinded
me and she was gone, and i woke up on my couch with my hand reaching out....
I runed straigt to my PC and i reacreated her while i still had her image in my head.
It turend out i had same outfit in my database but i never actyllu used it before.
Eny of you had something like this hapen to you?

Here are few renders with her.