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What I've been up to

Well I have recently taken a little break from programming/rendering as I needed some fresh air.  I made the mistake of purchasing Skyrim for PC (previously had it on console), and have been playing it religiously ever since.  The mod community for that game is incredible, and I have been entertaining the idea of trying my hand at it after I get the game off and running. If only I were independently wealthy I could hire a team to help me work on all my projects.  Alas it is not to be, anyhoo here some screen shots of my Redguard Necromancer and Wood elf Ranger.

I recently got back to work and here is a teaser from the upcoming set.  Also I (finally) began to recompile all my story stuff and that should be happening by this weekend (Acrobat Pro blows...). The link below is a collection of animations I had done previously, I know people have been asking for them and I apologize for the delay.