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The difference a year makes.

I apologize for the long gap in updates, but I am back in the saddle and I have something to show for it! The last couple weeks or so I have been really sinking my teeth into Octane.  I have had to change my work flow around to accommodate the longer render times, but I couldn't be happier with the results.  Although as fate would have it, as soon I as am happy with my current setup.  PoserPro 2014 comes out, and Daz releases its Genesis 2/Victoria 6 model. I don't have the means to upgrade at the moment, and nor I am really willing to jump into yet another learning curve, but damn the temptation!
Anyway, back to this set and the title of the post.  Below is a revamp of the Xeno's Only episode with Sylvia.  Its far more lovey dovey and less hardcore than my other work, but I wanted something close to normal for my first Octane only set. About halfway through this set I got frustrated with the bend morphs I have for my models and finally installed the Lali's bits morph (I have had it for a while now).  It took forever to get it right, and in the process I ended up re tuning Sylvia's body a bit to get the morph to fit right and look natural.  Which as some of you will notice will explain the slight change in her attire later in the set.  Sorry about that. Anyhoo I will most likely have to repeat this process for Sasha and Juli.  Everybody's getting an upgrade lol.
I also screwed around with some of my older sets to see how they would translate to octane, and I was pretty pleased.  Don't worry I am not going to redo these, I just wanted to see how they would look. There is no post work done, and the water in the Lara Croft one obviously needs work but I still thought it was neat enough to share.