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Tis the season

So its the holidays and even as an atheist I find myself caught up in the spirit of giving.  That being said I opening the blog up to suggestions for 2 full image sets or possibly 3 smaller ones, with the goal of getting them posted by/on 12/25.  Entries will be open until 12/14  11:59 EST

Requests should be in line with the consensual hetero monstersex theme of the site.
You can use any character I have posted here (male/female), and possibly some monsters that I haven't.
Provide a small back story (or large if it suits you) for the requested scene.
If chosen be prepared to supply and email address to work out some of the finer details.
I am sure its obvious but please don't be angry or upset if I do not choose a particular entry. As much as I would love to make everyone happy, I am only one person doing this part time, so bare with me.