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Episode 03 and some other stuff

So by now you're all  probably wondering, "WTF ARE YOU DOING DIZZY ITS BEEN A MONTH!". And below is the answer, well part of it at least.  I have been working on Episode 03 with Sasha.  At first I planned on doing a a reskin of it the scene.  But I found myself a bit "giger'ed out" after the last set.  So I changed some of it up.  I rewrote the story to reflect the changes, and now you have a new and improved Episode 3.
Aside from the Sasha story I toyed with some wallpaper ideas with Sylvia.  I have always been a fan of the girls with motorcycle style pin ups.  But my ladies exist in the future and surely they would have moved onto something more advanced than wheeled vehicles right?  Well I just so happened to have picked up this wonderful Jetbike model, and it seems to do the job just fine.  I have a few SFW versions and a few NSFW below.  I might do more of these pinups from time to time, its a nice segway from large number sets.
I have also been working on finding a new render engine. Firefly has run its course for me. I am looking to increase the quality and complexity of my images, and unfortunately Firefly can no longer cut it.  So I experimented with Lux, and Octane, and Vray.  I tried using Vray before with Max but was frustrated by Max's interface (makes me want to claw my eyes out, most counter-intuitive GUI ever). But I have come back to it with a fresh pair of eyes and I am beginning to finally learn the basics. I'll be posting some before/after shots to illustrate the difference in quality in the upcoming weeks.
I managed to nag some of my code monkey friends and got them to help me with some actionscript 3 issues I was having for the game engine.  Worked out better than I imagined, most of my programming hurdles have been cleared. I am now just focusing on making content (YAY).
Here are some images of Juli for Randall, I have no idea what I am going to " do" to her yet.  Just some concept of the outfit and scene.
Below is a link to download the non set images from this post, plus Sasha's animation with Lalu that I forgot to add in the animation pack.
And finally, I have been working on some ideas for the Alien Invasion contest at Renderotica. I plan on submitting two images by the deadline, one of my own choosing, and the other a suggestion from one of you.  Now remember this is a single image contest not a set. It has to be depicting the theme of alien invasion in some way.  Also if you could, try to keep the idea simple at its core. Its often easier to build on top of an idea than it is to tear one down.  Thanks in advance!