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A tale of two renders

So my quest for a new rendering engine has finally ended, and I have decided to go with Octane. It cost me an arm and a leg for the plugin, the software, and the extra video card, but it was worth every penny.  VRay while faster in rendering (overall) takes an eternity to set up.  With a learning curve akin to K2, I spent hours in the material room fiddling with settings that didnt port over properly, or textures that had to be reworked.

A large part of the reason for me using poser was ease of use.  As you all know I dont have a whole lot of time.  So you can imagine how excited I was when I downloaded the Octane demo saw an immediate improvement in quality.  A few more tweaks, and I was well beyond what 2 years of poser could do.  The only issue was that it was quite an investment for a poor college student.   So I mulled it over, and after talking with my bro Gazukull I finally cracked and went for it.

I haven't been this excited since I started this hobby...

So here we have a render from one of my upcoming redo's. The one on the left is a Firefly Render, on the right Octane.  Granted the one right isnt finished yet, (still has noise in some areas) it is a definite improvement. Whats really cool (geek out time), is that there are no "lights" so to speak in this image.  Octane uses light emitters.  I targeted the light texture of the ceiling and turned it into an emitter powerful enough to light the whole room. How cool is that!?

Also the glass table in poser looks opaque and non reflective.  Where as in octane it actually looks like glass, reflects light correctly on its surface, and refracts along the edge.