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Looking for wife sharing sex massage and Man for threesome sex

Wife lovers from UK say, "Maybe you can look outside your known circle of people for wife sex or wife massage. Involving someone you know is a sure recipe for disaster. Same as lending money to friends, etc. The servant - however loyal and servile he may be today - may either become insubordinate, or blackmail you, or discuss it with the other servants in the neighborhood. None of which is a good outcome The wife's friend - he will spread the word among her other friends, or boast about his conquests in public, or expect her to be at his service every time they meet socially. Again, these are not good outcomes. It is never a good idea for refinance home to share your wife with friends.

In today's day and age, it is so easy to find a complete stranger. You do NOT have to share real names or numbers, just meet a few guys in public first and then shortlist one of them. Yahoo messenger is a good place to start, I would think. "

Kunal from India in his conference calling, who had a threesome involving his hot wife and friend says, "My advise, go for a professional Gigolo instead of indulging with someone known. That's too much of a risk. A professional service would be just a one time event and minimum risk as the guy would not know you and you wont know him. So, it'd be a no strings attached kinda adventure which would be better for your life insurance quote.

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Also, strongly advise you to try it out somewhere far off from your vicinity, location, city, region etc. Probably in some other town in some hotel. This way, your secrecy would be maintained and yet your fantasy would be fullfilled with minimal risk of leakage or strings attached etc."

Drake from US has this opinion web conference "The best way to hook up with a man or couple is to avoid meeting someone in your own city. whenever you travel to another city with your wife, try contacting a guy thru sites like is4u. keep a secret mobile number that you use only for your sexual adventures and keep it off when not required. the man should meet up with that person alone and make the assessment whether he comes up to their expectation and is reliable. before that you should exchange long mails with him just to understand his personality. please do not rely on a guy who mails you in just two words or in bullet points. Unreliable people will not be able to write a paragraph or there will not be consistency in their writings. Also, leave that hotel after you have had fun with him and avoid repeating single men unless he is a foreigner. Never do it with known people."

Jason from Australia says swapping or wife massage sex is better because you are actually exploring the sexual fun with each other's partners. "If you want your girlfriend or wife to have sex with another man, why can't you have sex with his woman ? Since his woman will also be involved, it will be more of a couple 'trust' thing.'Whatsoever you want to enjoy like wife swap,wife massage or hot wife session,you must work out things for wife massage.