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Some new characters.

Just wanted to show some new characters i created.

This is Farah and shes is mother of Clarisa and Oriana :)

This little lady is caled Sharla and...i dont know what to do with her:P
Was thinking about a warlock or somthing with failed summon spell set.

This is my very own RP character :)
Name is Coren.

I probablly need to create more male characters...

Allso wanted to show this one.
This is Sierra from Legend of Mana game, she was created for a commission
but person i was making it for disapeared.
She is 90% done but i dont know if i should just scrap her or finish her.

I was thinking about change the way how i post my work.
Idea is that my sets will be followd by a story, something like an adventure guild
I would post quests here and you guys would chose who would take what quest :)