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Beach trip!

Its cold and wet outside and i dont have monney for a trip to some warm place.
So i think, how can i cheer myself up?
What is best in the summer?
Girls in swimsuits and bikinis!
And whats even beter then that?
Elfgirls in swimsuits and bikinis!
So i took last of my monney and send some of my girls for vacation in hope
that they will have some adventures there :P

The bad news is that i had cash only for 3 swimsuits so only those 3 got to go :(
Buy you guys can help!
If somone would like to sponsor a swimsuit/bikini of their choice to their favrite
girl then im shure they would love to join the trip.
I will be taking picture evry day or two to show evryone whats is hapenning
during this trip :)

More pics :)

Other note:

Tera changed her hairstyle as some of you might noticed.

Allso, since there was no interest in my prevoius ide of puting submited storys
into my render series i decided to scrap that idea and do things like i used to.