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After this last vote I will add more meat to a model and make a test image series where I use it. It will not be Monster Sex 07! If it works well in my work flow, I will add it to the rest of the models but with different looks. This will take some time to do as I have to make a new base model.

You have already voted for the model you like the best. The reason for that vote was to keep a few and delete those that wasn’t very popular. But as you didn’t know that, I will give you a wild card you can use on one of the girls that are about to be deleted. I have set up a new vote. The girl that has most votes will get a new Image Series. The rest will be deleted!

Now that we are talking about deleting. In December I will start to clean up this site. That means every post made in 2011 will be deleted and users who have signed up, but never activated their account or made a post, will be considered as a bot and be deleted. This is something I do every year.